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Any business owner is free to join BOSS. We are a growing group of highly motivated and ambitious business owners that support one another to achieve their goals. We want to walk the journey of success together with peers that strive for higher standards, bigger goals and that can stretch our personal vision of success for something greater. Membership benefits include discounted event tickets, member-only business and personal development resources …and so much more.

BOSS Events

We’ve all been to networking meetings with forced referral systems, lockout policies so no competing businesses can be in the same room as one another and we’ve all me someone pedalling the next get rich quick “opportunity” – so we’ve changed all that. With business owners in attendance that obsessed with greater levels of success, BOSS events welcome those who have had enough of playing the game and want to succeed together. Evening dinner events with after dinner speakers, networking social events, personal development and business training seminars and two annual retreats are part of the event calendar for all BOSS events.

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